Top-notch design and development for the little guys.

We are a scurry of design and development professionals that help solo entrepreneurs, small companies, and underestimated creatives get their ideas off the ground.

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Who We Are

Big ideas are made of a lot of small ideas.

Surviving in a world of large businesses takes Squirrel Logic.

If you are going into business for yourself, Squirrel Logic is your partner in launching your business and keeping it running. We are a multi-disciplinary design and development company that is passionate about filling in the gaps that others agencies leave behind. We love working with solo entrepreneurs and content creators, and we can provide you with the necessary design and development services you need.

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What We Do

We are your partner in art, design, and technology for your ideas.

No matter your budget—and we truly mean that—we can help you with all the necessary steps for visual identity, marketing, and product development for your business large or small.

Website Hosting

Managed WordPress site hosting and free static website hosting.

Graphic Design

Logos, branding, design systems and graphic design.

Web Design

Dynamic WordPress sites and freely-hosted static websites.

Software Development

Automation of menial tasks, and apps.


3D motion graphics, video production and virtual choirs.


Podcasts and sound design.

Content Writing

Ethical SEO, content marketing, and technical documentation.

Basic Product Prototyping

CAD and 3D printing

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Who Our Clients Are

Even the big guys need Squirrel Logic

We work with companies of all sizes, from large shipping companies, medical clinics, trade schools, and YouTubers. Because we have worked with large and small businesses, we can provide the right guidance and deliver solutions that are relevant to your needs and budget. No matter who you are or where you come from, Squirrel Logic can help.

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An agency with soul

Our Values

No one should be underestimated.

We want to help entrepreneurs and creatives who have been ignored and underestimated. We provide guidance and practical low-cost solutions for your business needs.

Accessibility helps everyone.

As designers and developers, we are bound to a moral code of making websites and products accessible. We design for screen readers, color blindness, and negative environments that impair people’s ability to use your products and view your website.

There is no separation between art and engineering.

We understand that programming is a craft and design is a science. With our understanding of both the technical and psychological, we are well equipped to communicate with everyone in your team.

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If you need a partner to help you get your business off the ground, get in touch with Squirrel Logic.