Our Advice for Freelance Artists

We are frequently asked to give advice to artists who want to become freelancers. We’ve compiled our most frequently given advice into a series of articles.

One of the things we do at Squirrel Logic is work with individual artists and creatives to start a freelance career or business. In addition to the development and design work we do for them, we consult to make their new business a success.

We are asked a lot of questions: How do I freelance as an artist? How do I get noticed online? How good does my art need to be to get a job?

We wanted to compile our answers to the most common questions in one place and make them available to everyone. We’ve intentionally left out the obvious advice that you can get pretty much everywhere else. We are sharing with you what we repeatedly tell our clients.

Even if you intend on getting a job at a studio, all of this information will apply.

Because we’ve placed the most important advice first, we recommend you read the articles in order.